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Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues, clients, and creative directors. It was my privilege to provide a variety of graphic design and marketing resources. Take a look below to see what the word on the street is about my work.

They say that art comes from the heart- that couldn’t be more true of Aaron. His ideas and visions are wonderfully creative. In addition, his attention to detail and strive for perfection take him to a level few designers will ever reach. He is a rare breed of creativity and heart, which is obvious from the quality of his work.

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Angel Flores

CEO, Exertus Marketing

Aaron has done a great job of creating marketing graphics for me. He is very pleasant to work with as well as quick, finishing projects in a timely manner. I will definitely continue to use him, I enjoy his creativity.

Tom Brown

CEO, eCaptions

Aaron is a pleasure to work with. Smart, detailed, and easy going – don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with him!

Cutter Slagle

Book Author, Doce Blant Publishing

Aaron has a fine-tuned, whole-hearted approach to design that comes from years of practice and dedication. These traits, along with his experience in multiple design disciplines makes him a wonderful choice for any management-level design career in which he chooses.

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Sophia Stephen


I had another web designer for years and after so much time had gone buy I felt like my guy was either not willing or not able to evolve with certain aspects of my website I was needing done. So I interviewed a few people to take over my website and the ONLY one that really impressed me was Aaron.

His go getter attitude, friendly personality and his creativity in web design made choosing him a no brainer. He maintains great communication, explains every detail and makes me feel like my time and my company are important. Since I had him do a website for one of my companies I now have him doing work for all my companies. He is in charge of maintaining and running these sties and he does a terrific job too.

Plus I also have the knowledge that when I need something done and I ask for it, there is NO problem too tough and no challenge to difficult to handle. I fully endorse Aaron as a true professional in this digital field.

Pat Connolly

Owner, Mobile Groovin Bus | SoundProdigy

As Aaron’s former Creative Director (in a branding/ad agency environment) I can tell you, in all sincerity, that he is a talented designer. He is completely focused on the success of the client, is a team player, understands the importance of strategic design – which he delivers constantly. I hope to work with him again someday soon.

Larry Bevins

Principal & Creative Director, Brand 360

Aaron is an outstanding graphic designer. I have used him several times and he produces web mock-ups that are to die for. I highly recommend Aaron.

Ryan Rasmussen

Software Engineer , Self-Employed

If you are considering Aaron for a position within your organization, I can recommend him without reservation; in fact, I can say honestly and factually that I would be happy to employ him myself if I were seeking someone in a similar position….

If you are giving thought to hiring Aaron for the role of graphic designer, design director, creative director or similar, I have straight-forward advice: do so.

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Robert Carrier

COO, Exertus Marketing

I would like to start by saying Aaron Robertson is professional, knowledgable, and was truly a pleasure to work with. It was great working along side Aaron. He has a great understanding of all of the ins and out of design and the theory behind all of his work. Simply said, he is an extremely creative individual that is capable of meeting all promises that he makes.

I would highly recommend Aaron Robertson to anyone who is looking for someone with extraordinary talents.

Sean Dan

Sr. Account Manager, ticktBox® Enterprises LLC

Aaron was able to take the idea I had for my company and bring it to life. I’m very proud of the brand identity that he was able to establish for Garner’s Janitorial.

George Garner

Owner, Garner's Janitorial


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